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What Every Man Should Know About Low Testosterone

What Every Man Should Know About Low Testosterone

Did you know you have over 50 hormones that help control or regulate every biological process in your body? These tiny chemical messengers travel throughout your bloodstream to perform specific jobs, and one of them is testosterone. 

While most people associate testosterone with sex drive and sperm production, it plays a much larger role than that. And it can lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms when your levels drop below normal.

Our team at Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, offers comprehensive men’s health services in Scottsdale, Arizona. Do you have a male reproductive system? Here’s what you should know about your hormones and how low testosterone levels can impact your overall health.

The role testosterone plays in your body

In a male reproductive system, the testicles make testosterone. However, it’s also present in women where ovaries produce the same hormone but in much smaller amounts. 

It may be a male sex hormone, but it does far more than regulating sex drive and sperm production. Testosterone also supports:

Testosterone production begins significantly increasing when you reach puberty. However, it also starts to decrease 1%-2% a year once you reach 30, and approximately one-third of men have low testosterone levels after age 45. 

Signs of low testosterone

When your testosterone drops below normal levels, it can lead to a variety of symptoms, such as:

Fortunately, our team at ​​Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, offers safe and effective solutions to help restore your hormonal balance so you can feel like yourself again.

How to treat low testosterone

We take a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating conditions, including hormonal imbalances. To start, we perform a thorough evaluation to determine what’s to blame for your symptoms so we can identify the most effective treatment for you.

After diagnosing low testosterone, we could recommend various treatments to ease your symptoms, including bioidentical hormones. This therapy relies on hormones produced from plant materials, like soybeans and yams, that have a similar structure to the hormones in your body.

If you undergo testosterone replacement therapy, we monitor your progress closely and adjust your dosage as needed. That means ongoing evaluations and routine blood tests to ensure your hormone levels stay within optimal ranges.

Are your testosterone levels interfering with your health or quality of life? Contact the Scottsdale location nearest you to schedule a men’s health consultation today.

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