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The Benefits of Getting Regular Lab Work

The Benefits of Getting Regular Lab Work

Few people look forward to a visit to the doctor, especially when they feel fine. However, a crucial component of preventive care involves routine visits and lab work because your blood reveals a lot about your health and wellness.

At Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, we believe that preventive medicine is the key to reducing your risk of illness and disease so you can stay healthy in the years to come. As a concierge primary care practice, you can expect a higher level of personalized service from our team that focuses on putting you first. And part of that involves regular lab work.

What lab work entails

The good news is that lab work is usually simple and comes with very little risk and minimal discomfort. However, it can reveal numerous details about your health and wellness.

It starts with drawing blood or collecting a urine sample. This allows us to test for different substances and cells within your body and compare them with standard or ideal values. There are different types of testing we might request, based on your age, symptoms, and overall health.

Examples of things lab tests can measure include:

We can also check for genetic markers, inflammatory markers, and tumor markers as well as drugs or medications in your system.

The benefits of lab work

Because these tests can capture so much information, they provide valuable insight for detecting potential health risks, imbalances, or infection in the body. We can also use them to assess general physical functions in your system.

On top of that, lab technology continues getting better. This makes it possible to identify diseases that weren’t easy to diagnose in the past, opening the door to earlier detection and better treatment options. 

While all lab work offers benefits, routine tests can often provide specific benefits, such as:

When you have tests performed regularly, it’s easier to detect subtle changes that could indicate potential problems on the horizon. For example, if your cholesterol levels begin creeping up, we can outline strategies such as lifestyle or dietary changes to restore healthier levels.

What to expect from lab work

Some lab work requires special preparation, such as fasting for a certain number of hours beforehand. However, others can take place immediately. If you need lab work, we provide instructions so you can prepare before arriving for your appointment.

Depending on the tests we order, it can take hours, days, or longer to get the results from your lab work. Once they arrive, we review them and discuss what they reveal about your overall health. If they indicate potential problems, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. 

With our expertise, we can outline a personalized action plan to improve your health, wellness, and quality of life. We can also offer recommendations on the frequency of your lab work moving forward to help you stay as healthy as possible.

Have you been putting off your routine lab work? Contact Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, in Arizona to schedule a checkup today.

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