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Family medicine practices provide all your routine health care needs and urgent care for every member of your family. If you're looking for family medicine services in the Scottsdale area of Arizona, Helene Wechsler, MD, at Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, can help. She provides expert diagnosis, treatment, preventive medicine, and numerous other services at her office in Scottsdale. Find out more by calling her office today or by booking an appointment online.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is primary care for all members of your family, whatever their age. Family medicine specialists like Dr. Wechsler undergo extensive training in multiple medical specialties, from pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology to geriatrics, orthopedics, and internal medicine.

Family medicine practices like Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, attend to all your health needs with the exception of emergencies where you need immediate hospital attention.

If you have a condition like cancer or heart disease that requires you to see a specialist, you can still benefit from having a family medicine practitioner who can provide everyday care and monitor your health long term. Dr. Wechsler is board-certified in family medicine and has practiced in that specialty for more than 25 years.

What services does family medicine provide?

Family medicine expert Dr. Wechsler provides a comprehensive range of services, including:

Urgent care

Urgent care is available for acute, non-emergency health problems like coughs and colds, fevers, stomach upsets, rashes, minor injuries, and other conditions that require immediate care.

Chronic disease management

If you have a chronic disease or long-term health problem like diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, dementia, or high cholesterol, Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, provides regular testing, health checks, and support to optimize your health.

Dr. Wechsler and Dr. Bernstein believe in the importance of preventive medicine as well to help you avoid health problems.

What preventive medicine services does family medicine provide?

Preventive medicine services available at Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, include:


Unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, eating junk food, and not exercising can all have a significant impact on your health. Lifestyle coaching helps you learn how to make the alterations you need to improve your health and avoid many preventable diseases.  

Dr. Wechsler uses functional medicine principles and a holistic approach to health care, covering all the aspects of your life that influence your well-being.

Whatever your health care needs might be, family medicine is there for you. To find out more, call Scottsdale Private Physicians, LLC, to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today.

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